Living in Klessheim

Living in Klessheim

Living in Klessheim

ITH students are accommodated in Kavalierhaus . It is located next to the Institute in the middle of the Garden of the Castle of Klessheim. Kavalierhaus is quiet and condusive for studying, the city center is easily accessible from there. The bus stop is right opposite the hostel, the bus goes directly to the city center and the main train station. The Stadium is also located opposite Kavalierhaus, the shopping center and mall like the Airport Center, Europark as well as the Airport are not far away from Klessheim.

The Kavalierhaus Klessheim is a popular event location in Salzburg.

School clothes are an expression of our common identity. In addition, tourism attaches great importance to a professional appearance. The appropriate clothing is an important part of it. Therefore the pupils wear a school uniform.

White blouse
Black Blazer
Black skirt or black trousers (discreet tights, no jeans)
Black classic low shoes
Grey sweater or sweater

White shirt with tie
Black suit
Black, classic low shoes
Grey sweater or sweater
Short haircut is obligatory


  •  Students share double rooms
  • Computer and free WIFI are available at Kavalierhaus and in the school
  • Breakfast included