Elective I – Teacher Training

Alongside the professional curriculum, you can choose to study either Teacher Training or Entrepreneurship. Teacher training is particularly suitable if you have a background in education or if you are likely to take a role in training and supervising other members of staff. The latest trends in teaching and delivering training are explored, including the use of eLearning and problem-based learning. You will learn about didactic teaching methodology, as well as other teaching methodologies in common use.

Practical Experience

Already during the course students will get hands on practical experience. The first practical classes will be held at ITH. Afterwards participants will give lectures at the Tourism Schools Salzburg.
At the end of the second semester participants will hold classes in different schools in Salzburg, which will give them the chance to experience different types, organisation and management of schools.

During their teaching practice the students will be coached by ITH teachers as well as external pedagogic experts, giving them advice for preparation as well as feedback after completion of the lessons. They will get first-hand experience in developing individual lesson plans and learn how to demonstrate good classroom management techniques as well as how to deal with different classroom situations.


Elective II – Entrepreneurship

The module Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to develop your own business idea.

You will get professional input in various fields like marketing, finance and business development and visit various local business within the tourism industry.

During the course you will develop your business plan and you will be guided and coached by ITH teachers and external education professionals.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent, which enables enrollment at a University.
  • At least one year of professional experience in the tourism industry. Teaching experience beneficial.
  • All courses are conducted in English language. Excellent command of English is absolutely necessary.
  • An excellent command of the English language is required.
  • Age limit for scholarship applicant: 35 years
Further Information

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