Our courses

Our international diploma programs are designed to give practical and modern management knowledge to empower our students for international careers. Limited numbers of scholarships are being provided by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) every year. The ITH diploma programme  is ideally suited for you if you already have gained experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and now wish to take your career to the next level. The 8,5 program is very intensive and requires you to demonstrate a high level of professionalism, self organisation and social competence.

The teaching at ITH is delivered through a number of modules. All students complete the General Module, providing an overview of the fundamental principles of Managment, Business Administration, and the use of modern software applications.

In addition to the General Module all students must choose a Professional Module in either Hospitality Management or Tourism Management. Alongside to the General Module and the choosen Hospitality or Tourism Management Module, you choose one Elective in either Entrepreneurship or Teacher Training.


Training and education in Hospitality Management is provided in modern facilities with kitchen, bar and restaurant opportunities. The practical experience is coupled with teaching of the latest operational theories and trend in the hospitality industry. You will study subjects ranging from Food & Beverage Management to Front Office Management and Hotel Marketing.

This module provides you with latest knowledge for a career in the tourism industry in general, and in Travel Management in particular. Besides the focus on Destination and Tourism Management, you will acquire practical knowledge and skills for managing tour operator and travel agency businesses. You will receive training in making online bookings, including making real-time bookings using systems that are widely used in the industry.

Alongside the professional curriculum, you can choose to study either Entrepreneurship or Teacher Training

Teacher Training is particularly suitable if you have a background in education or if you are likely to take on a role in training and supervising other members of staff. The latest trends in teaching and delivering training are explored, including the use of eLearning and problem-based learning. You will learn about didactic teaching methodologies in common use. During the course you will gain practical experience both at ITH and through giving lectures at schools in Salzburg. During these teaching practice sessions you will be guided and coached by ITH teachers and external education professionals.

The module Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to develop your own business idea. You will get professional input in various fields like marketing, finance and business development and you will work out your own professional business plan.

What we offer:

  • Diploma fully endorsed by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
  • Internationally recognised and respected qualification
  • International careers in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Intensive education and Training in hospitality and tourism Management
  • A Balance of theory and practice
  • Lecturers who are experts in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Regular additional guest lectures by industry experts
  • Modern Training techniques
  • State-of-the-art Training facilities
  • Small teaching Groups guaranteeing the best experience and supervision
  • Excursions to relevant tourism and hospitality businesses
  • Social and cultural events